Friday, December 2, 2011

The Bluefish blues

I love to eat bluefish. A lot of people don't like them because they have a strong flavor. I like a strong flavored fish and I like an oily fish to. My friends keep telling me the blues are biting right now but I have been laid up with this flu which sucks. I have been feeling better lately and I hereby declare that I am going fishing this weekend even if it weakens me and the flu comes back for another week ( I am unemployed, it ain't like I might miss a day at work or something). I also haven't had a cigarette in 7 days as of today (cold turkey) and if I don't start doing something to keep myself busy soon I might well go back to my evil ways.

The mapping of Icehhearth Barrow begins

     This map here is Level 1/ Tier 1 of a new dungeon I am calling the Icehearth barrow. The 1st level is divided into three tiers that will eventually connect to the second level. On the second level I am currently thinking that I will be keeping it as all one unified level but one never knows.    
     This entire dungeon's mapping is a total departure from my usual style. I have always used graph paper to do my dungeons in the past but with this structure I wanted a more organic flow and a feeling of age making the structure slip and slide. I am notorious for putting notes about my dungeons right on the map. This tier is not complete and I am sure will have a lot more notes written upon it.
     The next map being posted here is my map of the surface world in which my dungeon is placed. It also is still not complete but I wanted to show it as well. I have been truly striving to get a IC/MERP feel to the maps without being a total copycat either. I think this outdoor map is the closest I have come to that so far in my artistic development.

     I have been able to focus on my map drawing lately do to two factors #1 The fishing has been real slow. #2 I have been laid up sick as a dog with flu.