Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Mega-Dungeon Maps

Well here are the maps for levels 2, 3, and 4. I was not happy with the way I was stocking level 1 and have had to restart that. I am also in the process of drawing level 5. Level 2's map is 95% done. Levels 3 & 4 still need some work. 

Question- Are these maps close enough in design to be "related" but different enough to not be rehashes. Any suggestions on improving them?




Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trying yet again to do a mega-dungeon map

Having tried many times before to create a mega-dungeon map that I am satisfied with I am trying yet again. This one isn't done yet (Need to finish the crosshatching, place hallway traps, and I am half way finished stocking it). This is the map so far-

Sunday, May 5, 2013

One mapped finished, a new one to show off

Here is the Slavic style map (I think I have it finished or darn near so)

Next up is an Island map that I drew the other afternoon for lack of anything else to do.

I am thinking of using this map with the Dehkarii River maps as an adventure local of the southern coast. That's all I have right now. I have several days off coming up and I am hoping to get some drawing time in again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A few more maps

Here is the pencil version of the Dehkarii River Headwaters

Next is a map I drew while watching a show about ancient civilizations. This was based on some Neolithic communities.

Finally is a map I am still working on. Its loosely based on Slavic/Russian style Medieval setting

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alright here is the map I was working on previously and more. The map is of an area called the Dehkarii River basin. I took the river Nile as inspiration but ran it the other direction. The maps are still in the pencil stage but they are placed in order of most north first going southward. I am planning a Pulp Fantasy campaign in this region. The interconnections of the map are not completed yet but it coming.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

of Simians & Serpents

Well its been awhile since I last posted here. Lots of things going on with my Dad in and out of the hospital and such. That doesn't mean I haven't been working on things but rather I haven't had the time to scan them in and post them.

John Stater over at The Land of Nod blog posted a post about using the Planet of the Apes as a setting for a fantasy game. Well this got me thinking of PotA as well. So I started drawing a map for a project that I am calling Simians & Serpents. Below is the pencil sketch I have done for the map so far. In the next day or two I should get it finished and be able to ink it. I am also writing up a set of house rules just for this type of campaign.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well here is some of the maps that I was working on in 2012

Some of these maps are complete, others aren't. These are some of the maps I was working on in 2012. Enjoy! Also if anyone would like a map done for them please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well I had to take a break from my Pulp fantasy campaign maps and have been working on a fantasy campaign rooted in the Middle East and Sindbad in style and cultural aesthetics. The following our the three maps that I have drawn over the past three days, all of them are WIPs. Also the scanner I have isn't big enough for these so it did trim a little of the edges.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yet even more unfinished works...

Here again are some more of my unfinished works. The first two I will get around to finishing one of these days. The last two will probably never be finished as they were emulations of other works in an attempt to master a certain style.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Retro Style domed sci-fi colony

Well this morning I was inspired to try doing a sci-fi map. I love pulp sci-fi as well and one of the things I think of when thinking of that style of sci-fi are the domed cities, etc. So here is what I have sketched out so far. It is definitely still a WIP.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A pantheon of gods created by my son

My 15 year old sun had to create a pantheon of gods and write a myth focusing on one of the gods and their interaction with others.This was a school project from two years ago. I was really surprised by what he wrote and thought it quite good. I thought I would share here and see what you all thought.

Alliamas was sired by Allinidus, god of anger, and his wife Kin, goddess of water. Alliamas, goddess of storms, could be as tranquil as her mother, or she could be as destructive and mindless as her father. It is this two-sided nature of Alliamas that makes her feared and favored by sailors and farmers. She is also the patron of destruction and change. 

Alliamas married Senki, god of the ocean, and together they sired two children. They had one son and one daughter. The son was the god of lightning, and his name was Tridus. The daughter was the goddess of thunder, and her name was Kahn. This combination was a powerful force, but if one should be taken away, it diminished the power of its sibling. 

Alliamas is naturally opposed to Toni; the sun god. Their opposition to one another runs deeper than their elemental alignments. Toni the sun god, had on one occasion captured Kahn the thunder goddess in hopes of making her his wife. Alliamas went berserk with rage at Toni's insolence to attempt such a brazen act. A long, protracted war was fought to regain Alliamas' daughter, Kahn. Lightning bolts were thrown. Rain started pouring down and winds started to rise. Kahn's screams of terror were heard. 

During this war, Toni was successful in marrying Kahn, and they had a daughter named Sarona, the goddess of the rainbow. After every storm, Sarona can be found standing between the storm and the sun, trying to bring peace between her grandmother and father.

Alliamas is a fickle goddess and her followers are more apt to appease her than to draw her attention.
Sailors speak of Alliamus' fury with awe and fear because they have seen her snap their ships like twigs and sweep away entire fleets like a child with their play things. 

Farmers seek Alliamus' gifts of rain but are always wary of angering her for fear of a flood or a drought. Therefore, they balance their worship between Toni and Alliamus, seeking a fine line between the two.

Stylized maps

I was working on a Ruins and Ronins campaign when I attempted to create a map in the style of some of the Asian artists. The end result was so so IMO. I am however my own worst critic so I figured I would post them here and let you all judge them.

Icehearth Barrow (The mapping continues)

Back in 2011 I was laid off from my job. Being Bi-polar this sent me into a depressed tail spin for many months. One thing that kept me from going bat shit crazy was my 25yr old son who had come to live with me and my wife at this time because he injured his knee rather severely and was unable to work for 2 or 3 months. During that time he introduced me to the video game Skyrim of the Elder Scrolls series. I became very immersed in the game. The following dungeon was inspired by my time spent playing the game. I have been working on and off on it since 2011. I would probably say it has been one of my most difficult dungeons to map. Each level is divided into tiers, the number of tiers per level fluctuates. The color blue on the map denotes water, red denotes fires and hot coals, .......(dotted lines) denote where a passage passes under another or is an area carved out of the wall. Solid black squares and rectangles usually denote a coffin or sarcophagi. The arrows running along side passages denotes the direction that they sloping down to. Arrows running down the center of stairs denotes the direction that the stairs descend to.

Level 1 Tier 1

Level 1 Tier 2

Level 1 Tier 3

Level 2 Tier 1

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The City of Rakiir (inked and close to being finished)

Well I am almost done with this one. I have a few finishing touches than its all done. Enjoy.

Take a walk on the dungeon side.

Alright I have been posting a lot of outdoor maps but I thought I should also throw some dungeon maps out there as well. These were all drawn within the last 5yrs. Some are still works in progress.

The Soul Eating Cat

The Soul Eating Cat is a horror created by demon worshiping witches. They are common house cats that have been slain by a wight. They still appear as such until you meet their gaze whereupon the victim sees that where their eyes should be are two orbital sockets bigger than they should be. Meeting the gaze of these creatures drains the victim one level each time they meet the cats gaze.

Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 1d4

Like all undead they are immune to sleep and charm spells but despite being undead they cannot be turned by a cleric of any level. Anyone trying to attack them while avoiding their gaze does so at -4 to hit.

Late night thoughts. This is all I have on this so far.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A walk down memory lane...

Well I didn't have access to a scanner today but I thought I might post some of my older maps and some of my color ones as well. These were all drawn between 1994 to 1996.