Monday, May 7, 2012

OK it has been far to long since I posted anything here. I started working again for the homeless shelter that I was fired from in August of 2011. This has seriously cut into my fishing time but alas I have money for bait at least. I have been working pretty hard on two projects of late 1.) A Fallout style campaign using the Gamma World 1st edition rules. 2.) A sword and sandals b/x D&D campaign using the bronze heroes supplement that was written by Mithras with my own additions.

The Fallout style campaign I had to place on hold as I try and fix a mapping issue. That issue is that I suck at modern maps! I can't seem to capture the feel of the game. I think this is do to the medium I use and my lack of understanding of modern architecture. I have therefore been trying to find a way to produce a map that captures the feel of 1950's printing feel and also that retro vision view of the future in the architecture. I have been experimenting with some of the free mapping software but I haven't found anything I like so far. I would love to find a set of modern tiles for Dungeoncrafter 1.41 that had the feel of the Fallout game.

As for the sword and sandal game I have produced a campaign map for that and this is what I have so far-

I really am hoping to find some players for this campaign, but if my past record is any indication than I will not be holding my breath. New gamers are hard to come by in this small town and trying to find people to play the game that never have before is just as hard because of their religious bias against the game.

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  1. Good to see you again, Sean, and the you've definitely got that Hyborian World/Lankhmar/Melniboné/Zothique vibe going with your mapping style.

    Not sure if you plan to keep the Antartica continental shape for your campaign, but if you do, you could mix it up a bit by raising or lowering the sea level, or moving it forward or backward in time, which would render it less immediately familiar to your players.