Monday, July 23, 2012

New Races

This is a new race I designed for S&W,LL, etc. It was heavily inspired by the race of the same name from the Fallout games. I am looking to put together a dark and grim S&W campaign and I was tired of the elf, dwarf, etc. races.


    These poor souls were the victims of a strange magical plague that robbed them of their mortality. They are immortal, sterile, and highly resistant to poisons and diseases. The plague that created them still exists in their homeland and occasionally appears in other areas as well. This plague requires that any human entering the "infected" area must make a saving throw once per day of exposure, if the roll fails the victim will start transforming into a Ghul, this transformation will take 2d10 days to complete a Cure Disease spell cast before the transformation is complete will reverse and end the transformation but once the transformation is complete nothing short of a wish spell will reverse it. If the roll succeeds than that individual is safe for 1 day but must make another check on the next day. NOTE: Three consecutive saves against the plague means that the individual in question is immune and never will have to save again verses this plague. Many of the mainstream religions consider these folks to be a "living" blasphemy and seek to destroy them whenever encountered. They are not truly undead and thus cannot be Turned, etc. Occasionally members of their race do go "feral" and while they feel for their kinsman they will be the first to destroy their "lost ones". Ghuls also hate the true undead if for no other reason than that their existence is what endangers the Ghuls existence. The homeland of the Ghuls is known as Ghulheim, its previous name is now lost to the mysts of time.

Game Stats-
Immortal: While they will never die of old age, they can only die of violence, they do continue to deteriorate at a rate equivalent to human aging. They suffer all of the penalties for aging.
Low Charisma: Ghouls do to their appearance suffer a -3 reaction penalty and their Charisma score suffers a -4 penalty when dealing with non-ghouls.
Resistance: they are +4 to save vs. all poisons and diseases.

Ghouls maybe of any class; they are unlimited in them just as regular humans.

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