Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sumerian Sword and Sorcery

Well I am currently working on a Sword and Sorcery setting based on a fantasy version of Sumeria. I hope to publish it some day. My oldest son and I are going to work together to illustrate it. I have already done some illustrations and thought I would share them here. The first is a picture of a warrior and the second a priest. I am not as happy with the second one as I would like to be, so I may end up redrawing it.

So let me know what you think and I will keep posting updates here on the project!


  1. wish you well - ive run games is my setting f this for years on and off and will start again this year - i have some layout skills and clip art based on this setting and have done lots of art posts for players to get a feel
    Links in sidebars on my blog

    1. Besides loving this time period and trying to even put together a reenactment kit for it, your blog was one of my inspirations for pushing ahead with this project!

  2. hey there Sean,
    That warrior is great...nice attention to detail...has a great OS feel,
    (I'm hoping that's what you are going for)
    2 things though....
    1) does the warrior have a beard as well, or is that shading for his neck?

    2) I noticed you mentioned being "not as happy" with the priest....
    as person knee deep in art direction, i can give you my constructive criticism on the subject, if you want.

  3. Great start Sean. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.