Thursday, January 24, 2013

A pantheon of gods created by my son

My 15 year old sun had to create a pantheon of gods and write a myth focusing on one of the gods and their interaction with others.This was a school project from two years ago. I was really surprised by what he wrote and thought it quite good. I thought I would share here and see what you all thought.

Alliamas was sired by Allinidus, god of anger, and his wife Kin, goddess of water. Alliamas, goddess of storms, could be as tranquil as her mother, or she could be as destructive and mindless as her father. It is this two-sided nature of Alliamas that makes her feared and favored by sailors and farmers. She is also the patron of destruction and change. 

Alliamas married Senki, god of the ocean, and together they sired two children. They had one son and one daughter. The son was the god of lightning, and his name was Tridus. The daughter was the goddess of thunder, and her name was Kahn. This combination was a powerful force, but if one should be taken away, it diminished the power of its sibling. 

Alliamas is naturally opposed to Toni; the sun god. Their opposition to one another runs deeper than their elemental alignments. Toni the sun god, had on one occasion captured Kahn the thunder goddess in hopes of making her his wife. Alliamas went berserk with rage at Toni's insolence to attempt such a brazen act. A long, protracted war was fought to regain Alliamas' daughter, Kahn. Lightning bolts were thrown. Rain started pouring down and winds started to rise. Kahn's screams of terror were heard. 

During this war, Toni was successful in marrying Kahn, and they had a daughter named Sarona, the goddess of the rainbow. After every storm, Sarona can be found standing between the storm and the sun, trying to bring peace between her grandmother and father.

Alliamas is a fickle goddess and her followers are more apt to appease her than to draw her attention.
Sailors speak of Alliamus' fury with awe and fear because they have seen her snap their ships like twigs and sweep away entire fleets like a child with their play things. 

Farmers seek Alliamus' gifts of rain but are always wary of angering her for fear of a flood or a drought. Therefore, they balance their worship between Toni and Alliamus, seeking a fine line between the two.

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