Thursday, January 24, 2013

Icehearth Barrow (The mapping continues)

Back in 2011 I was laid off from my job. Being Bi-polar this sent me into a depressed tail spin for many months. One thing that kept me from going bat shit crazy was my 25yr old son who had come to live with me and my wife at this time because he injured his knee rather severely and was unable to work for 2 or 3 months. During that time he introduced me to the video game Skyrim of the Elder Scrolls series. I became very immersed in the game. The following dungeon was inspired by my time spent playing the game. I have been working on and off on it since 2011. I would probably say it has been one of my most difficult dungeons to map. Each level is divided into tiers, the number of tiers per level fluctuates. The color blue on the map denotes water, red denotes fires and hot coals, .......(dotted lines) denote where a passage passes under another or is an area carved out of the wall. Solid black squares and rectangles usually denote a coffin or sarcophagi. The arrows running along side passages denotes the direction that they sloping down to. Arrows running down the center of stairs denotes the direction that the stairs descend to.

Level 1 Tier 1

Level 1 Tier 2

Level 1 Tier 3

Level 2 Tier 1